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Tom Swoon feat. Taylr Renee – Wings


Tom Swoon has been teasing this track for a while, but it’s finally here! Taylr Renee’s vocals work incredibly well with his production and she manages to create some really emotional apex’s and builds. It’s a shame this song didn’t come out earlier or it would’ve been a summer hit no question. Go listen to the FULL preview of Tom Swoon’s Wings now! Enjoy.

– Dave

Tom Swoon: Facebook Soundcloud

Fox Stevenson – Lightspeed


Fox Stevenson released his track “Sandblast” a few days ago, but since it is Friday I thought I’d give you guys a free download from him. His track Lightspeed is another crazy dubstep tune, showing his talent when it comes to production and vocals. Do yourself a favor and check it out! I guarantee it’ll become a regular on your IPod rotation. Enjoy!

– Dave

Marcos Carnaval, Howe Steel – Turn It Around (Original Mix)


Brazillian DJ Marcos Carnaval has been hitting the EDM scene hard this year with four releases under his belt. Turn It Around is another amazing progressive house featuring the duo Howe Steel, who also happen to be taking over the European EDM scene this year. This song is a testament to the fact that you should keep an eye on these guys, they’re making big moves! Turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave

Fox Stevenson – Sandblast


Okay, how have I not heard of Fox Stevenson yet? If you haven’t either, this is a great first song to start to get a feel for this guys sound. The vocals are absolutely amazing, and the production isn’t overdone in the slightest. Around the 4:27 mark it really just solidified how amazing this song is. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a regular rotation on my IPod. Turn the volume up!

– Dave

Tiesto, Mark Alston, Baggi Begovic & Jason Taylor – Love and Run ft. Teddy Geiger (Original Mix)


Wow, based on the title you know that this track has a TON of big names on it. The amazing production combined with Teddy Geiger’s vocals match so perfectly and create a really special progressive house anthem for the summer. There are tons of amazing builds and crazy melodies, so it’s definitely worth a listen! Turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave

Jonathan Pitch & Romeo Blanco feat. Billie – Get You Up


Jonathan Pitch and Romeo Blanco come at us with an insane new Progressive House tune to keep those summer vibes going. The female vocals courtesy of Netsky’s Billie really top off the already amazing production. If you’re looking for a really emotional, melodic tune then this is for you. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

– Dave

Diplo – Crown ft Mike Posner & Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff


Well, after seeing Diplo in concert a few weeks back everything this dude has done has been on my radar. After hearing this track once, I remembered exactly why I loved Diplo live, and all of his other work. He’s got a really fleshed out trap sound. Do yourself a favor and turn the volume up! Enjoy.

All I Ask – Huglife Remix


Apologies for the hiatus, but we’re back! And what better way to come back with a banging new trap remix by the talented Huglife. The song is absolutely insane, and the pace switches up a ton throughout the song keeping it pretty fresh. The opening also has some crazy vocals and synths to match. Check it out!

– Dave