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Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (PatrickReza Remix)


Woah. When I start a post with “Woah” you know what’s about to go down. The original song by Lana Del Rey got turned on its head by PatrickReza who managed to transform it into a catchy banging masterpiece. It’s not overly produced and it maintains the perfect amount of production to give off a chill vibe. I’m starting to think they should’ve used this version in The Great Gatsby instead. Enjoy!

– Dave

Krewella – We Go Down


Krewella released a little teaser track from their upcoming release “Get Wet” and they didn’t fail to deliver. The combination of Rain Man, Jahan and Yasmine is a deadly one because each and every song they create has some insane replay value and catchy beats. Listening to this track just reminded me of why Krewella has steadily remained one of my favorite groups in EDM currently. Listen for yourself! Enjoy.

– Dave

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Ookay Remix)


Oh my god. If you’re on the search for a banging trap song, you’ve found it right here. Combining the already distraught nature of a Major Lazer track, Ookay manages to take it to the next level. Having seen Major Lazer live, I could easily see this being incorporated into their show, based on the fact that it’s absolutely banging and could really get a crowd going. See for yourself and listen below!

– Dave

G-Eazy – Been On (Official Music Video)


G never ceases to amaze me, from a visual perspective and from a lyrical perspective. His music videos are all so incredibly unique, ranging from walking with a Zebra in ‘Loaded’, to smashing T.V’s with baseball bats in ‘Plastic Dreams’. This time, the video is incredibly simple and doesn’t pan from his face throughout the entirety, but somehow manages to capture the essence of the song. Enjoy some new G-Eazy!

– Dave

Cam Meekins – Joe Flacco


Cam just came off a big tour with Shwayze and he decided to gift his fans with a smooth summertime jam produced by Brandun Deshay.¬†I’ve been in love with Cam’s flow ever since I heard his hit single “Cut Me Off” about a year ago. His incredible lyricism and bare-bones beat really¬†accentuates his talent, and this track is an ode to why he’s on the come-up. If you’re skeptical about this kid, give this song a listen and it’ll surely change your mind. Enjoy.

– Dave

Chiddy Bang – Breathe (Prod. by Yuri Beat$)


I’m so happy to see that Chiddy Bang is releasing some new stuff. I’ve loved Xaphoon and Chiddy ever since I heard “Opposite of Adults” a couple of years ago. Now, coming off successful release after successful release, some of which included their album “Breakfast”, it’s apparent these guys are really creating some special stuff. And, as always, Xaphoon manages to pull off an absolutely banging beat. Turn the volume up and enjoy some new Chiddy!

– Dave

Diplo – Express Yourself (R3hab & Diplo Remix)


Having seen Diplo live twice already, his song ‘Express Yourself’ has really become a favorite for me. The insane beat, wild vocals from Nicky and crunchy sound effects crafted the perfect gettin’ low song. However, R3hab and Diplo managed to take the already mangled, absurd original and added some serious spice to it. I hope to see Diplo busting this out at his live shows and asking girls to twerk on stage sometime in the near future, but for now we get to listen to this. TRAP TWERK TEAM. Enjoy.

– Dave

Eminem – Survival

survival - eminem

Shady’s back! After almost a year off the map, Eminem reappears with a banger that intertwines rock with rap. The song debuted on the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game. Not into gaming? It’s all good, you can check out the song below! Be sure to give this banger a listen and download.


2AM Club – Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is long past her Hannah Montana days and has entered a ratchet era in her life. She is huge right now and it seems as if everyone is talking about her, rapping about her, or watching her Twerk. 2AM Club releases their own tribute to the Ratchet Queen and you can check that out below.


Fenech-Soler – Last Forever (The Chainsmokers Remix)


Wow. The Chainsmokers are coming off their 5th straight #1 HypeM song, and they’re not stopping any time soon. This new track has been a passion project for Alex and Drew for a while and they’ve really been urging Fenech-Soler to let them remix a track. After a long time they finally got permission to remix ‘Last Forever’. They thought that it was, “like Phoenix crossed with the band Is Tropical”. They saw some troubles in transforming the song into a dance song due to the originals speed, but I think they did a pretty damn good job. Let me know what you think of their remix! I know one things for sure, these guys are coming up big time. Enjoy.

– Dave