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What So Not – JAGUAR


What So Not never fails to impress with their signature sound. Coming off of hit release after hit release, What So Not is just beginning to delve into some of their most massive stuff to date. JAGUAR is just like a real jaguar except it’s not a large cat (I checked twice) but it’s a song with the same level of ferocity as the real deal. Do not mess with this track. Turn your volume up and enjoy.

– Dave

Childish Gambino – telegraph ave.


Your boy Childish (aka Donald Glover) just dropped a steamy new track and let me be the first to say that it’s most dope. Glover has grown so much as an artist since his musical debut not too long ago and “telegraph ave.” makes this abundantly clear. I love the direction this guy is going in. The song takes a mature tone, differentiating from the cocky “fuck a bitch to pass the time” attitude that Childish has embraced in the past. In my opinion, toned-down Gambino provides a much more enjoyable sound. Anyway, hit play and get those ears ready for a heaping helping of some smooth, chilled out rap. Enjoy.


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Pedestrian – Wood Eye


Pedestrian just released a trippy new track entitled “Wood Eye.” It delivers quite the unique vibe with its stuttered vocals, sporadic melodies, and peaceful beats. Don’t do anything that requires too much thought or concentration while listening, because “Wood Eye” will mystify your brain in ways never before imagined. Pedestrian has been kind enough to put this one up for free on XLR8R, you can cop it here. Hit play, feed those ears, and get ready to commence chill-time.



Kanye West Freakout on Sway in the Morning


Kanye’s been making news recently all based around getting slapped around in interviews. This specific freakout comes right after Kanye makes the bold claim that he is “Shakespeare in the flesh”.  I don’t know what you think, but to me that comment is just laughable. Sway desperately tries to get the interview back on track to prevent Kanye from derailing it too far, but you can tell that he switched to defensive mode when he felt threatened. Skip to 16:58 to see the beginning of his latest meltdown.

– Dave


TST & Alvaro – Out Of Control (Original Mix)

Tiesto alvaro

Alvaro has teamed up with TST (Tiesto’s alter ego) to create “Out of Control”. The song, released on November 25th, literally claims that “This party is out of control”. TST and Alvaro have combined their signature huge sounds to produce a song that should be on everyone’s party playlist. The energy contained in this new track is massive. Check out “Out of Control” and see for yourself.


Chicane – What Am I Doing Here (Hyperbits Remix)


Today we’ve got an incredible progressive house remix from Hyperbits. Sampling the emotional vocals from Chicane in the song ‘What Am I Doing Here’, he managed to craft a beautiful and euphoric soundscape in which claps and snares roll off each beat into the listeners ears. Not to mention, he’s incorporated some big room elements into the song giving it a hyped and energetic feel. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

– Dave

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Theophilus London – All The Girls (Around The World)


The Bloody Beetroots dropped their full album “HIDE” in September; only recently did Ultra Records release the official video for “All The Girls (Around The World)”. From this track alone it’s easy to see The Beetroots’ diversity. Whether it’s Bob screaming into the mic or dreamy vocals by Greta Svabo Bech, each song is bound to hook you in one way or another. Brooklyn based rapper Theophilus London collaborates with Bob to form this hip-hop inspired track, along with an artfully filmed video.


MGMT vs. Landis & Corporate Slackrs & Landis – Smash Kids (MAKJ Edit)


MAKJ has been going hard on his release game lately. A quick look through the trending audio on Soundcloud and you’ll see his name everywhere. For his latest edit he decided to provide us with an MGMT mashup, utilizing those classic vocals we’ve all come to know by heart. The song’s apex is one of the most energetic I’ve heard in a while and I’m sure you’ll be hearing this in various DJ’s sets. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave

Aluna George – Superstar (GANZ Flip)


Ganz decided to give a chilled out rework to Aluna George’s ‘Superstar’. The song begins with droned out, emotional vocals that slowly build into a bass filled smack right to the face. I love the sampling in this song and the melodic vibe it exudes. If you haven’t heard of Ganz I’d say now is the time to start looking into him. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave

Eargrub Rise And Grime Saturday Mix [Ep. 3]


It’s that time of the week again. I’m sure you all went out and had a great night last night, but let’s not forget it’s a little thing called Saturday. To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’ve crafted a pretty banging mix for you guys for another addition to our Saturday Rise and Grime mixes. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

– Dave