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ODESZA Show Recap Video


ODESZA came to The Miramar in Milwaukee last night and put on one hell of a show. They dropped some new songs, and played some old favorites. Overall it was a very killer performance for a Wednesday night. Here is a reacp video of the show. Enjoy.

– Dave

ODESZA @ The Miramar [EARGRUB] from Eargrub on Vimeo.


Paper Diamond – Black Rose


Paper Diamond, a music producer from Colorado, just released a new dark and intense song entitled “Black Rose.”  The track is meshed together with heavy bass and high pitched synths, really embodying the title of the song with its gloomy yet electronic theme. For all you Wisconsinites, Paper Diamond is playing at the Turner Hall Ballroom on February 26th, so this new track should get all you guys pumped for that. Enjoy!


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Ultra Music Festival Lineup By Day And Stage


Eargrub will be represented this year and Ultra, and what better way to deliver that news than the official lineup, days and stages that artists will be performing at.

It looks like the Ultra Worldwide stage, among others, will be a hotspot for EDM lovers. You’ve got a huge lineup on Saturday featuring the likes of RL Grime, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Bro Safari and GTA. My god. It also appears that Hardwell was honored with closing out the festival on Sunday at the main stage. It’s no question this years Ultra will be huge, check out the lineup below and plan how you’ll spend your time. Tough choices will have to be made that’s for sure.


Awe – Crystals (Djemba Djemba Nightcore Remix)

Awe - Crystals (Djemba Djemba Nightcore Remix)

Wow. This remix really has it all. Djemba Djemba takes the original track by Awe and gives it a complete rework. Originally, it drops into a series of seamlessly timed drums and amazing synths and just when you think Djemba Djemba is done surprising you, the track dips into some unforgiving, hard-hitting hardstyle. This track bumps, show it the respect it deserves and turn the volume up. Enjoy.

– Dave

The Two Friends – Brighter


The Two Friends are known for their melodic, vocal driven originals. ‘Brighter’, their latest track, is nothing short of amazing. The vocals play out like a conversation between two highly talented singers, eventually culminating in an uplifting, synth-infused apex. If you’re looking to turn your day around, give this track a listen. Enjoy.

– Dave


Way Back Wednesday: The Widdler – Same Way


Listening to this song brings about a great amount of nostalgia for me. I first heard Same Way  in middle school, and it opened up my ears to a new genre: dubstep…. Yes, this is the first dubstep song my ears consciously feasted on. Thus, it is only right that I share this piece of mellow, audio-genius with all you grubbers. The Widdler is a seasoned artist yet lacks the publicity and exposure of most major producers. Born in Tel Aviv and now living in Texas, The Widdler is extremely versatile and creates sounds that are influenced by many different genres, such as reggae. While the Widdler has no issue providing heavy, womping bass, his mellow, melodic style is something I find unique about him. His music can be listened to in all atmospheres and in all moods; it isn’t overpowering and has even been able to put me to sleep.

Let your ears bask in something that will have you feeling some type of way. Enjoy!


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David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey – Shot Me Down (Party Favor Remix)

David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey - Shot Me Down (Party Favor Remix)

You know what’d be a sick party favor? Oh I dunno, bag of chips….wait…THIS SONG?! (That might be the single worst intro to a post I’ve ever written…time to salvage this) Alright let’s back up. Party Favor is an LA based producer who has a knack for whipping up sick tracks like this ‘Shot Me Down’ remix. He made the song an absolute banging masterpiece and I’d be a liar if I said this wasn’t gonna make it into DJ’s sets. Do yourself a favor and turn that volume UP!

– Dave

Paces – Julian EP


DieHigh Records just put up an EP from the australian producer, Paces. The EP, “Julian”, has two original Paces tracks, along with remixes from 813 and Chiefs. The first track, “Julian” has vocals from Erin Marshall, Caribbean steel drums, and some energetic, upbeat tropical rhythms. Next on the Ep is a remix of the song, done by 813. The remix completely changes the song, switching up the melody and using almost entirely synths. All that remains of the former track is some chopped up vocals, and the background melody. Nonetheless, both the original and the remix are great tracks. Even more different, the next track, “Open Up Your Eyes” is a very chill slower paced song that is almost entirely drum kits and bass. Erin Marshall once again provides some vocals for the song, and sets a somewhat eerie tone to the track. Ending the EP is Chiefs remix of “Open Up Your Eyes”. Chiefs takes a trap approach to the song, but keeps it mellow using the bass and drums from the original to make a drop for the song. Overall, despite the small number of songs in the release, it’s definitely worth checking out so give these songs a listen.


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HeRobust & Two Fresh – Throw That (Styles and Complete remix)


This song is straight out of the dungeons of dirty south electronic music. The Atlanta native, HeRobust has been making filthy hip hop beats for years and is continually one of the most recognized southern producers. Styles and Complete wear the southern colors proudly and loudly; they never miss an opportunity to make it known where they’re from. Needless to say, HeRobust and Two Fresh laid down pure gold as is; Styles and Complete takes the song and puts it on steroids – the remix is grimy and thrashin’. Hold on to your panties!


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The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Sleepwalking (Goon Bags Remix)


Goon Bags decided to remix the GTA-Made-Famous track ‘Sleepwalking’ by The Chain Gang of 1974. They managed to maintain the uplifting vibe of the original, while layering in some bass, drums and bouncy elements that give the track a new, enhanced energy. Goon Bags make some really dope stuff so I recommend you check out their other works. For now, turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave