ODESZA On The Come Up [Exclusive Interview]


We were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Harrison, one half of the production duo ODESZA. ODESZA’s tour launches today in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Emancipator and if they go through your city check em out! Onto the interview.

Eargrub: So you guys are both Seattle natives, how did you meet?

ODESZA: We actually met about an hour and a half away from Seattle where we went to a small liberal arts school called Western Washington University. We had a mutual friend and we ended up hanging out one day and talking about music then sharing music and eventually trying to jam together. That’s how it all formed.

Eargrub: You both had solo acts before you met. When did you guys decide, “Let’s drop the solo acts and put our focus into ODESZA.”

ODESZA: Well it was just a fun project really, I mean, we weren’t thinking too large about it. We just thought, “hey it would be cool if we tried to form a group.” BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid were not very good *laughs*. We just started working more and more towards something and it just felt right to make a new name for it. 

Eargrub: What are you listening to right now?

ODESZA: I’m really digging this guy named Stwo right now. I’m definitely into a lot of like big drums with pretty melody type stuff. Mr. Carmack is really good. The new Tycho stuff is really good. Kinda all over the place. 

Eargrub: Who would be a dream for you guys to work with?

ODESZA: I’d really love to work with Bonobo. I think that he’s a superbly talented musician. Flying lotus would be really cool. Anyone who’s willing to collab and I like their music I’d be open to do anything. Collaborating is where you learn the most.

Eargrub: Why do you think you learn the most in a collaboration?

ODESZA: I feel like you learn a different way to approach music because most people approach it all differently. You kinda learn through their process. And also, along with that, whoever you’re working with I think you share different ideas and it’s a really open way to absorb different things. You learn a lot about technique and style and the way people do stuff. I really think that the process of other people is really opening. 

Eargrub: How do you and Clayton deal with disagreements with one another?

ODESZA: You kind of have to prove it to the other person. We’ll really be like, “I really like this one sound.” And we’ll tell the other like, “play this over and over and if you still don’t like it come back to me in another couple days.” A lot of times that generally works. I think some times when you hear a song a certain way or when someone adds something to it, you think they changed it too much. But that’s not always the case. 

Eargrub: Have the fists ever come out?

ODESZA: No no no no *laughs*. 

Eargrub: Complete 180. What animal would you say is the embodiment of your music?

ODESZA: We definitely don’t have one dude *laughs*. If there’s an animal that can do a ton of different things cause I think we try to be as dynamic as possible. 

Eargrub: So a shapeshifter?

ODESZA: A chameleon! 

Eargrub: Since the release of your EP “My Friends Never Die” have you noticed your sound has changed or matured? 

ODESZA: I think it has a lot. We’re constantly maturing as musicians and that’s the number one thing that we strive for is getting better and learning more and working our asses off. Every time we work on a new song we try to approach it a different way or at least in a way we think is something new. 

Eargrub: What do you feel is your favorite part about creating music?

ODESZA: I think the actual beginning of the track is the most fun because that’s when you’re the most in it. When you’re in the beginning just building the track.

Eargrub: Tonight in Grand Rapids is the first show of your tour with Emancipator. How are the nerves?

ODESZA: I’d say the only thing I’m nervous about is we didn’t have very much time to redo our live set. We really wanted to redo it. So, we made a lot of changes last minute. We’ll see how it plays out on stage, there’s a lot going on.

Eargrub: What’s something when you’re on the road that you feel is absolutely essential?

ODESZA: Showers. 

Eargrub: It’s only January, what does 2014 have in store for you guys?

ODESZA: Well, we’re working on a full length album right now with a bunch of different stuff on it and we’re both really really proud of where it’s at right now. We just gotta finish everything up and hopefully find a way to put it out. Whether that be through a label or ourselves. We also plan on making our live sets bigger and bigger and expanding our show. Working on all those things. 

Eargrub: How close is the album to being wrapped?

ODESZA: It’s really close. It’s basically in demo mode right now so we just gotta do all the detail-work to it. 

Be sure to catch ODESZA and Emancipator as they travel through the Midwest and East-Coast! Here is their official tour schedule.


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