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Son Lux- Flicker (Zeds Dead remix)

zeds cemetary

Hugeeee new track from the dream team Zeds Dead. This time they take their talents to the Son Lux song Flicker and really give it their gnarly flair. It’s a slower moving song but it packs a really hard punch. It combines unique vocals with Zeds Dead’s one of a kind sound and the mixture is that Heisenberg shit!! It reminds me a lot of that old school Zeds Dead. Please give your ears a treat and listen to this new Zeds Dead song!!!

-Nicky Seeeegz

5 Reasons You Should be Listening to Topaz Jones


1. He is only 20 years old.

Topaz Jones, 20, produced and recorded his first full-length album, The Honeymoon Suite, without being signed to a record label and, let me tell you, he sounds nothing like a newcomer. Jones has put together a cohesive, diverse, and sophisticated body of work that rivals the work of seasoned musicians and sets the foundation for the mark he will surely leave on the industry.

2. He does not define himself within a genre.

Jones’ interest in music, surprisingly, did not start with hip hop. He grew up listening to Motown, funk, soul, and R&B, and the influence of artists like Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince are evident in his work. Jones also credits Kanye West and Outkast, among many others, as artists that have played a significant role in the development of his musical voice and style. When first hearing The Honeymoon Suite you might be tempted to compare him to Kanye West or other popular hip hop artists, but after a good listen you will realize that Topaz Jones really can’t be pinned down; what he produces is original and more unclassified than most debut hip hop albums coming out at this time. In a recent interview for Jones explains that he doesn’t want to label himself as just a rapper. “I happen to make hip hop,” he explained. “But it’s not the only type of music I’m interested in; it’s not the only type of music I’m capable of creating.”

3. He recruited an all star team to contribute to The Honeymoon Suite.

 The Honeymoon Suite features artists like Yasmin, Chad Valley, and Hodgy Beats. His song “Divas at the Disco” was produced by Thelonious Martin who has worked with the artists like Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, Smoke DZA, and Domo Genesis. With these valuable contributors featured on various tracks, the spotlight still shines on Jones.

4. He makes his own beats

He also directed his music video for “Coping Mechanism,” one of his earliest releases off The Honeymoon Suite

5. His lyricism will blow you away

Always on point and never off beat, Jones’ words do not rely on the music, they stand alone. Despite the complexity of the album Jones brings the focus back to his lyrics, which range in subject throughout the album. His rapping and writing skills, paired with the albums lush and deeply layered musical production, make each track so overwhelmingly unique that it’s hard to even name the standout song of the album. The Honeymoon Suite isn’t an album that warrants skipping tracks to get to your favorite song. The whole album is a standout.

You can stream and download The Honeymoon Suite here and check out his amazing music videos for “Coping Mechanisms” and “Gasping for Breath” below. This is, undoubtedly, the most excited I have felt about a new artist in a long while, so show Topaz Jones some love–before the rest of the world beats you to it.

Protohype – Fly feat. Alina Renae (Louis The Child Remix)


Chicago based Louis The Child have been making the rounds lately, coming off a very successful Adventure Club Remix. For their latest remix they took my all-time favorite Protohype song and switched the vibe up, incorporating that uplifting Madeon-esque sound that we’ve all come to love. These guys are coming up big time so keep your ears open. I mean it when I say do NOT sleep on this one. Enjoy.

– Dave


major lasers, pharrell – Aerosol Can (carmack refix)


Mr. Carmack is no doubt one of the most talented producers out there right now. This dude just oozes originality. For his latest masterpiece, he reworked Major Lazer’s recent release with Pharrell ‘Aerosol Can’, giving it some fleshed out synths, drums and ambiance. I really love how this joint turned out, turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave


“A Party 424 Meters Under the Sea,” David Guetta debuts Dead Sea rave video

david guetta

As a commemoration to reaching 50 million fans on facebook, David Guetta released a recap video of a massive rave he recently threw at Massada in Israel, the lowest place on earth! You haven’t experienced FOMO until seeing this video. As one concert-goer commented, “we’re making history tonight.” That statement could not have turned out to be more true. I only wish I could have been there to experience the raw bliss. Take a break from your day and envision yourself being there!


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ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron (Extended Review)


Possibly the most anticipated release to come from California Hip hop collective TDE, ScHoolboy Q releases Oxymoron. His first album released was entitled Setbacks, a chronicle of the various roadblocks and obstacles he faced while on the come up in the rap game all wrapped up in chilled and smokey production. His second was Habits and Contradictions, a prequel of sorts where Q delves intrinsically into what kept him from making it earlier, and explores the mistakes he made in the past. This was done through some of Q’s best bummer jams paired with some of his first and strongest steps into his hype domain. His third studio album, Oxymoron, is the strongest thematically, diving headlong into his story, regrets, and lifestyle, while his previous projects merely dodged quickly through them. According to Q, the project hopes to describe the duality of doing his best to be a caring and loving father to his daughter (who makes plenty of appearances on the project) but slanging oxy to make his bank. Oxymoron marks an important progression of ScHoolboy’s sound and message. It seems that Q has finally found the formula for painting a vivid picture lyrically while still producing a fun, trap sound that will turn up a party. This, ultimately, is where he is best suited.

One thing that makes ScHoolboy such an impressive rapper, especially in the scope of the rap game today, is the elasticity of his voice. The dude is so versatile vocally. He can cover all sorts of moods on his tracks. Whether it is chilled, hyped, depressed, or hopeful, Q breaths life into his lyrics and makes them hit whatever part of your emotions he intends them to hit. This is all to say that this project has joints that can play to all sorts of emotions. Midway through the project we get a track (“Prescription/Oxymoron”) that really makes you feel for ScHoolboy. We get some perspective that helps us to understand how difficult it can be for a rapper when you have to struggle with addiction before any music can be made. This is directly followed by “The Purge,” which makes us forget about this dark background with a return to his self-proclaimed gangster rap ways, featuring two other west coast rap greats in Kurupt and Tyler, the Creator. Sadness, depression, and struggle paired with ignorant, panty-dropping, pistol popping, “spark your apartment” lyrics really create a dynamic aura on this album.

ScHoolboy’s legacy as a rapper comes from his hype tracks, and Oxymoron does not let us down. The four singles, which include some of the best tracks of the album, satisfied all of his fans by showing off his supreme skill in the art of hype. Joints like “Yay Yay,” “Break tHe Bank,” and the suspiciously absent “Banger,” use trap-sentric, bass heavy instrumentals to play off of hungry and passionate bar delivery to create audible frenzy. Another note that pairs well with this skill is the development of his hook writing. If Oxymoron stepped up anywhere it is in this aspect. Just as Kendrick’s juggernaut Good Kid M.A.A.D. City did, the choruses on this project latch onto your brain. Some would say writing really catchy hooks just breeds lazy music and song writing in general, but I think, in this case, these hooks do all they can do. These are radio ready and still tough enough to satisfy Q’s college age “fuck the system” fans.

Above everything, and most importantly, ScHoolboy does not disappoint. You can really hear all the hours of tweaking that went into this project, and each hungry verse, banging instrumental, and addicting hook can attest to this. This is an album that could have so easily been over hyped, but Q delivered it quite flawlessly. Sure, would I have liked some songs to be more transparently depressing? Yeah, I thought “Sacrilegious” was dope, but that isn’t really what Oxymoron is. ScHoolboy is conveying a different message on this project than he did on Habits and Contradictions. Plus, I think that a track like “Prescription/Oxymoron” is much more subtle and dynamic, and truly doesn’t feel like it is overstaying its welcome at seven minutes. Oxymoron as a whole is just such a step forward into a really exciting direction for Q. Every aspect of his projects has evolved or further solidified. The production is extraordinary, Q’s delivery and flow are unreal, and the lyricism at play is extremely tight. There is not one reason why this album shouldn’t be on repeat in every Hip hop head’s headphones. I have a pretty strong suspicious that this will propel Q into the top spot as the premier rapper of LA, but the coming months will tell. All I can say is the ball is in Kendrick’s court, and he must be hurting from how hard that bounce pass was. 

Support Q and cop the project on iTunes.

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Charlie Johns

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Infuze Remix)


London Grammar and Infuze both have incredible skills in music production, and when their styles combine to create something new, there was no doubt in my mind that the result was gonna be beautiful. Infuze’s remix of London Grammars track “Wasting My Young Years” is an extremely captivating piece of music, containing amazing vocals, powerful bass, and an out of this world drop. In the world of trap music, its hard to keep your style unique, and both these artists have done a wonderful job in keeping all their songs original. Enjoy.

– Sam

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Way Back Wednesdays! Zeds Dead – Rude Boy

zeds cemetary

Zeds Dead baby. This canadian duo has been in the music game since the good old days. You may know them for their classic remix of Eyes On Fire, or you may know them for their newer stuff, regardless, their an iconic pair.

“Rude Boy” is a throwback to a couple years ago. The laid-back sound of the track is extremely discernible from their now-evolved, more intricate melodies and basses. Despite the relaxed tempo of this tune, the bass is beyond grimy and can be listened to in a chill atmosphere or in a raging environment. Enjoy!


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Strange Talk – Young Hearts (The Chainsmokers Remix)


The Chainsmokers are tight on their #selfie game right now. Making it into the Beatport top 10 with their last single #Selfie, they’re still riding that success high most DJ’s dream of. For their latest remix they took Strange Talk’s ‘Young Hearts’ and gave it some of those progressive, emotional EDM toppings. Definitely one you shouldn’t sleep on. Enjoy.

– Dave


Schoolboy Q – The Purge / Rapfix Cypher (20syl Remix)


20syl brought it on this one. Taking Schoolboy’s easy, smooth flow they spliced in some more upbeat elements to detract from the whole “stab you in the face” vibe that the original had. Correct me on this, but I coulda sworn I heard a Sway sample somewhere smack dab in the center? (Say that 10 times fast bruh). Seriously though, this joint bumps. Enjoy.

– Dave