5 Remixes That Were Better Than The Originals


Believe me. I wouldn’t even like these remixes had the originals not brought something to the table, so put away your pitchforks. This list is meant to highlight some of my personal favorite remixes that expanded the original song in such a way, that it made the song more enjoyable for me. Enjoy the list!

1. The Wanted – We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)


The Chainsmokers have this amazing ability to take a song, and turn it into a club banger. They do this time and time again, and there’s really no group that comes close to their ability to pull this off. For this specific track, they expanded on The Wanted’s ‘We Own The Night’ to give it more of a house vibe. The production was executed masterfully, and it remains one of their most popular remixes. Enjoy.


2. Chief Keef – Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)


RL Grime is one talented producer. Everything he pumps out seems to be an instant hit. For this specific remix, he went after Chicago based Chief Keef and spun his track ‘Love Sosa’ in a trapped out 180 spin. RL’s production is seriously unmatched and this track just proves that.


3. Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)


Sound Remedy is in my top five favorite producers. His ability to elicit emotions from the listener through his melodic dubstep and vocal sampling is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. From beginning to end, his songs take you on a journey, and his remix of Noosa’s ‘Walk On By’ has to be my favorite remix of his to date.


4. Javelin – Tryouts (Brenton Duvall Remix w/ Childish Gambino)


Brenton brought it on this track. Splicing in some killer samples from Childish Gambino, he managed to pull off one hell of a remix. I think this remix is actually better than both Javelin’s original and Childish Gambino’s original ‘Let Me Dope You’. Listen and decide if you agree.


5. No Doubt – Settle Down (Baauer Remix)


Give Baauer a track to remix, and you can guarantee that it will be amazing. His take on ‘No Doubt’ is nothing short of spectacular. I don’t really know what genre this song would fall under other than ‘Breathtaking’ but you can be the judge of that. Enjoy.