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M83 – Wait (Kygo Remix)


Kygo makes some exceptionally happy music. All of his tunes have this uplifting feel that just make you smile. With his newest remix he went with M83’s new fantastic track entitled “Wait”. This song reminds of being reunited, or kicking back with friends after a stressful day. Kygo took the song and made it happier then it already was, and added his signature sounds to it. Check this song out, it’ll make your day a whole lot better.

– Sam

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JaysWays – Infinity (ft. Nicole Millar)

JaysWays released his new EP, Epilogue, Friday and it is completely stunning. The track that really caught our eye though was Infinity with Nicole Millar. It is extremely beautiful and by far one of the most sexual tunes to drop this month! The combination of the deep bass and Nicole Millar’s lyrics will make you “fall in to infinity!” Fall in to infinity but don’t fall too far because there is no coming back from this sensual purgatory. Infinity and the whole “Epilogue EP” are downloadable on bandcamp as name your own price but as Buzz Lightyear would say your support will bring them “To Infinity & Beyond!”

– Andrew

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Carnage and Junkie Kid – Krakatoa (Original Mix)

carnage couch

Officially released this past week, “Krakatoa” is Carnage’s new banger which he created with the help of Junkie Kid. Named after the most violent volcano eruption in modern history, “Krakatoa” definitely lives up to its name with loud screeches (which actually sound good) and heavy bass that are sure to make you want to get up and dance. As he says, Carnage makes music for festivals, so “Krakatoa”  will be on his and many other DJ’s set lists this summer. Get familiar with “Krakatoa” before it’s dropped, because it’s definitely hot.

– Sam

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Friday Feels V1

V1 Friday Feels

This Friday we are bringing you a taste of something extremely special. Cleanse your pallet and get ready to experience these delectable Feels tracks one bite at a time. If you are unfamiliar with “Feels” as a genre, it consist of lovely chill out tunes with a future bass twist. Basically anything that will get your soul flowing and feeling at peace! Every Friday we will be bringing you mellow vibes that will make you feel wonderful and boost your mood to a whole new level of harmony!

To kick everything off we have a marvelous deep house tune that will get you “Jumpin’ Like Jordan.” This track is by UK producer XO and is titled “What’s Luv?” No need to take the name to heart because this delightful tune does the justice of explaining to you what love truly is. 

Next off is Fluke Nukes’ Jersey Club flip of Ray J’s “Sexy Can I,” and he really gave Trippy Turtle a run for his money with this one. 

Third tune we have for you is a hip-hop beat with a “Future Funk” feel to it. Knight Life by Kount X Harrison is extremely stunning and will bring you an overwhelming feeling of joy. Both of these folks reign from Toronto, Canada and trust me you will be seeing them worldwide soon enough! 

The KING of Stutter Edit, P A T H, blessed us with his new track “M o r e” off of the new “SVNSETWAVES X FOGPACK” compilation. 

I feel bad ending this so soon but as they say, it’s “Now Or Never.” This next track by OYT is an extremely soulful masterpiece with its touching vocals, funky bass-line, and jazzy chords. Bon appétit & enjoy!  


Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Autograf Remix)


Autograf is one of those artists that can do no wrong. With each release, my respect for their musical ability grows more and more. They are fans of remixing the classics, in the past they have remixed Marvin Gaye’s “Grapevine” and most recently decided to reconstruct Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. For their newest creation they took an awesome route in chilling out the original song a fair amount but still kept with the original format of the song and kept those classic vocals in there. Autograf is extremely talented and I highly suggest you check out some more of their stuff.

– Sam

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Rebelution – De – Stress [Single]

count me in

To all you Rebelutionaries out there, the time has come! Our favorite American-Reggae group has finally released the first single off their much anticipated upcoming album, Count Me In. If you recall, Eargrub sat down with Eric Rachmany, the lead singer and guitarist of Rebelution about a month ago and he informed us the new album would be dropping around May 2oth; unfortunately, he was off by a few weeks – we’ll have to wait until June 10th to get our hands on Count Me In. Nonetheless, De – Stress has the same, comforting, relaxed feel that Rebelution has made a name for itself by. I never  get tired of Rachmany’s unique voice and the way he nonchalantly belts and bellows. I hope you are all as excited for this album as I am. Enjoy!


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Chance the Rapper – Untitled


Chance been on it lately. First we got the “Save Yourself First” track, which is super interesting and incredibly soulful. After that, we have “Home Studio (Back Up in This Bitch),” the musical update letting us know that he is creating something new. Then, just yesterday, he spilled a real thought provoking 16 in SZA’s “Childs Play.” What we got here is a little radio exclusive that Chance slipped into our Wednesday evening. Remaining untitled, Chance only briefs us with one thing going into this track and that is that “it’s just something really important.” As always, Chance does a great job of blending being a fun and charismatic rapper with tackling some sort of issue. With a hook playing around with describing Chance’s perfect girl, and then a verse that briefly goes into modern self-identity issues, Chance nails it. With a lovably ad-lib ridden beat, this is sure to be a welcome and quality addition to our Chance playlists while we wait for this possible “Social Experiment” project.

Peep the radio snippet below and feed on y’all.

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Charlie Johns

KR$CHN & Third Wall – Lean


Take a minute to tune out from reality with this alluring track by KR$CHN & Third Wall. Lean will take you on a journey to nirvana and utmost relaxation! These two really know how to create a beautiful atmosphere that will keep your feet moving and your body grooving. If you tried to imagine yourself swimming in a pool of lean, these are the sounds you would hear. This record almost has a Mr. Carmack meets Flume vibe with the huge percussion and spacey melody. Allow your mind to drift off in to serenity and let your body lean to the beat. KR$CHN & Third Wall are slowly taking over the world one track at a time, and Lean is the perfect one to start world domination!


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Kaskade & Thomas Sagstad vs. Morning Parade – Under The Stars

kaskade green

Release on March 20th, “Under the Stars” is Kaskade’s newest hit. Beginning with a climbing feel leading into the vocals from Morning Parade’s “Under The Stars”, Kaskade drops into a section of pure power that will blow you away. The collaboration of Kaskade and Thomas Sagstad produced a great song that is available on Kaskade’s Soundcloud for free download. Overall, “Under The Stars” is another one of Kaskade’s amazing works that should definitely be checked out (and downloaded seeing that it’s free).

– Sam

Carbon Airways – Black Sun (Kill Paris Remix)


Kill Paris is an incredible producer. He has somehow invented a whole new style of electronic music for himself, by mixing together many certain styles. With his newest remix of Carbon Airways’ “Black Sun”, he uses his trademark high energy sounds and beats, speeding up the vocals and adding a heavy drop to twist and transform the song to bring it into his own genre. Enjoy.

– Sam

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