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TroyBoi – One Point Five


You’ve probably heard of him by now – the so-called “drum molester” has been able to keep cranking out hit after hit. London’s TroyBoi (part of the duo SoundSnobz) has suddenly hit the spotlight, gaining over 16,000 Soundcloud followers within the last few months. His upbeat tunes and killer percussion keep each track fresher than the last, and he recently released a jam called “One Point Five” which started off as a Facebook challenge. He proposed that if his post could get more than 200 likes, he’d drop a completely original and unplanned track in only 1.5 hours. His followers flocked around and watched it all unwrap, and when he released “One Point Five” I don’t think anyone was disappointed. He opens with an uber-chill drum intro that slowly unzips into an experimental electro-bass type jam. Though it may not be as perfectly layered as most of his songs, this is super impressive for only an hour and half’s time. Go ahead and check out what this guy can do, you’re sure to be impressed.


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Ta-ku – Knightime*


Feast your ears on the new Ta-ku track “Knighttime” which was first released as a Bootleg of Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind”, but later removed due to copyright issues. Regan ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews has transformed from a self-taught student of music into a scholar of progressive beat production, cultivating a unique sound that has since been heard in all corners of the world. As an astute observer of the melodic elements of soul music and the percussive elements of hip-hop, Ta-Ku’s unique sound takes heavy influence from pioneering beat legends such as J Dilla, 9th Wonder, and DJ Premier. Ta-ku incorporates alternative elements into this bootleg which gives the track a relaxed house vibe. This new Bootleg is a small fraction of what Ta-ku has been recently releasing, I am sure there will be many great things to come from Ta-ku so keep your eyes glued to the sight for updates. Take a listen and enjoy.


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Cam Meekins – Hater


Cam has been a constant in my ever-changing hip-hop collection. I keep coming back to his honest, crispy lyrical flow that I can’t seem to get enough of. His latest track ‘Hater’ is off an upcoming project on May 21st titled ‘1993, vol 2′. I’m extremely excited to hear what new tunes this kid has got under his belt, but for now bump this new Cam. Enjoy.

– Dave


Song In My Head – The String Cheese Incident


The String Cheese Incident released their new record “Song In My Head” earlier today. This new album marks the legendary bands first studio album in 9 years!! Upon hearing the news I instantly had to buy it. From beginning to end it is classic Cheese, varying from bluegrass (Colorado Bluebird Sky) to some heavier hitting funky jams (Lets Go Outside) and some classics for all you die hard Cheese Fans (Rosie). The feature song: “Song In My Head” is amazing. It combines an array of organs, guitars and some great voices to give just an all out beautiful song. This whole album is just amazing. Take a listen to their feature, “Song in my Head” and give your ears a treat.

If your ears like what they hear then give them some more munchies and get the whole album on their website! You won’t be disappointed! Also check out their facebook page for more Cheese shenanigans!!!

-Nicky Seeeegz

Way Back Wednesday: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy Eye


The psychadelic artist currently creating under the alias TOBACCO, formerly known as Black Moth Super Rainbow, is an accomplished composer and beatmaker. The Pittsburgh-born producer calls his music, “the heavy shit.” He doesn’t mean “heavy” in a hard-hitting, thundering womps sense, but rather in an emotional sense – his music makes a person feel. “Drippy Eye,” transcends the boundary between a musical and spiritual experience. The song comes off his 2007 album, Dandelion Gum. Throw it back with this funky BMSR – Enjoy!


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Beyonce – Drunk In Luv (JENI SUK REFIX)


California native Jeni Suk, has recently released a sexy new track where she puts her own wavy and sexy twist on the popular “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce. When the song begins you can hardly recognize that is related to the original track; it starts out with some plucked synths and transposed vocals with plenty of reverb that give the song a chilling vibe, then out of the blue the voice of Jeni Suk appears with the lyrics and melody of Beyonce’s original track, and you’re all like “damn that’s sexy”. Just when you’re thinking it cant get any better Jeni hits you with a simple kick and clap and some well placed percussion and at this point you have fallen in love. I know i have fallen in love with this track and has been on repeat for the past few days, enjoy.


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Bliss & Alice is Bringing Poetry Back to Hip Hop [Exclusive Interview]

bliss irl

I had the opportunity to sit down with Bliss & Alice, a Milwaukee rapper who sent shock waves into the his city’s Hip hop scene with his first effort, a mixtape by the name of Poetry Volume One – The Shit Talker Tape. Eloquent, poetic, and sharp lyricism is layered over incredibly nuanced and enjoyable production making for a stellar first project from the dude, but you can read my thoughts in its extended review. Bliss is a dude who wears his heart on his sleeve and is truly passionate about his art. Here is what he had to say:

Eargrub: How would you describe your raps?

Bliss: I’d say they are thoughtful. I think that there’s a lot going on in rap. It’s a genre that has kind of moved towards this base level of thought. It’s all about the hood and it’s all about money, drugs, girls, and clothes. I don’t know, there are some really talented writers that are making very thoughtful music and I’d like to be a part of that conversation, I suppose.

Eargrub: Do you have anyone who inspires your sound?

Bliss: I do. I think my writing was influenced heavily while I was younger by some of the great American writers. At least the writers I perceive to be great American writers. Hunter S. Thompson, Bukowski – if you’ve ever read through some of Bukowski’s poetry sets, like, some of that stuff is just incredible. But growing up and really starting to get into rap and what I’m really into right now – if you back track through Frank Ocean’s back catalog right now, there’s a project called the Lonny Breaux Collection, it’s like 60 songs. I think it was unreleased, I don’t think he intended for it to get out, but of course it gets out there. Just looking at how artists I think are thoughtful and how they progress. And getting a very in-depth look at a recording process with songs that obviously weren’t going to come out. You can back track through all of Ye’s discography, which is all pretty hot. Of course there are the people that hate 808’s, a lot of people not vibing with Yeezus – which was kind of incredible to me, I thought that was a great project. Just looking at how things progress musically is a big thing for me. I’m also super into Miles Davis. I listen to a lot of Billy Holiday. Just trying to figure out exactly where people are pulling some of their thoughts from. There are a wide range of things you can explore. I intend on going through heavy discographies. That’s kind of how I work. I want to listen to a project front to back. I think that’s what I tried to do with my debut – make it something you can listen to front to back. That’s lost, on mixtape culture especially.

Eargrub: So, your process: going off of your interest in what makes the cut and what doesn’t – how did you choose to have “Man of the Year” as your lead single?

Bliss: That’s actually kind of funny. “Man of the Year” was kind of a take on the fact that even though a lot of this tape is very removed from what you generally hear in Hip hop, I recognize the culture and that I’m a part of it. I mean, that’s the closest thing, I think, that’s really topical Hip hop conversation. I guess it just felt good at the time. We were cranking stuff out. The process was flowing and we were looking at this record and we thought people would vibe with it. It’s one of, like, two or three actual Milwaukee references in the whole tape. People heard that line “Cream City orphans” and just kind of went wild with it. I wasn’t planning on being, I don’t know, revered in this Milwaukee Hip hop scene. That track is just fun. It will be fun to perform; it will be fun to listen to on later in my life. 

Eargrub: What is your opinion on the Milwaukee Hip hop scene?

Bliss: Milwaukee is going through a Rap renaissance right now. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t think that’s really what is going on. There are definitely some big hitters that are all ready dominating the scene. I can think of about four or five camps that are just on point right now. And they’re all younger. This kid IshDARR just dropped The Better Life, his first effort. Kid’s got a big mouth but he’s got the lyrics. He’s backing it up, he’s shining. A good friend of mine, Webster X, dropped Desperate Youth on September 24th. We share a birthday, that’s when he dropped his project. His live performance is just really on point right now. I think his next effort will be coming next fall. Vonny Del Fresco, that kid is killing it.  He just dropped After it All. He has a three part EP series, this is the second part. He’s shining, doing some really cool stuff. Eye.$ee.You just dropped a video. I can’t say enough. I actually have a cameo in that so I can’t really say. They are the homies and they are putting out some really good stuff. There are a lot of camps, I don’t want to leave it at that, but there is definitely a list. There really is something happening, and it’s all pretty thoughtful. I don’t think that Milwaukee is latching onto surface level lyrics right now, and that’s pretty cool.

Eargrub: Staying in the mid west, what do you think of our Chicago neighbors and their Drill scene?

Bliss: You’re talking, like, Keef? Lil Herb and his new project? He had Nicki on a track, right? That whole Chiraq thing… I don’t know how I vibe with the Chiraq thing, personally. I just don’t think I vibe with that terminology.  I mean, I got homies in Chicago, and like, our friends die. Our homies get shot. It’s really not a game. They live in a warzone, or damn near. The city of Chicago doesn’t need anyone romanticizing “Chiraq.” Nor does Iraq need anyone romanticizing their conflicts. That’s how I feel about it. Like, dog, that’s some serious serious shit. But as that drill scene is going on, you’ve got SaveMoney’s camp, and that’s Vic, Chance, a whole slew of other people. THEM People out of Chicago just dropped two mixtapes over the course of ten days. So as that drill scene is happening, there’s also a lot of other shit going on. Where does it all coincide, and how does it all fall into this one overarching genre? But at the same time, if you are riding around with your homies and somebody throws on a Chief Keef track, you’re going to get hyped because that is what it is. It’s hype music. Just some of the vernacular around it is kind of shaky for me I suppose.

Eargrub: How did you get your start rapping?

Bliss: Man, I don’t know. My homies and I always loved music, just in a way different way. I’m from Wausaw, Wisconsin, and where I’m from, what you have to understand is that I went home last weekend and I heard “Lose Yourself,” like, Eminem, on the radio. That’s what they’re on still. Their taste is very far removed from what is actually happening in music. My homies and I, we were just Internet surfing kids. Looking for a different type of sound. We used to sit around this spot, we called it the Stoney Creek Inn, we would just pop in CD’s. From that, sitting around, drinking, chilling with the homies, we just got to spitting and just bullshitting freestyles. At that time, I was all ready writing poetry, and that was a huge outlet for me and I was into rap all ready, and, I don’t know – it just sort of sparked something. Putting music and writing together just made sense. Those were the two things that I actually gave a shit about. I was probably about 16 when I first started spitting bars.

Eargrub: In what sort of environment do you feel most inspired?

Bliss: I guess it kind of depends on what I’m trying to write about. I mean, some of the best work that I’ve ever done, most of which is unreleased, came from a back packing trip I went on. I was just kind of fed up with school, fed up with people. I just kind of wanted to think. I was backpacking for about three and a half months through Europe, just me and an iPad. I didn’t even have a phone. I just went and wrote. Hopped on trains, went from country to country, just writing. I was taking it all in. I realized that there is so much more than just, you know, this. You can really do whatever the fuck you want with life. Like, truthfully. Not everyone really has the opportunity to, but if you do have the opportunity to, as I did, you should definitely tap into that. A lot of the imagery in my writing, especially in my raps, is derived from going out and seeing people, talking to people, and getting a feel for what people are really experiencing all over the world. 

Eargrub: So, you did just drop this project. How are you feeling?

Bliss: It’s kind of wild, man. Before your project drops, you’re still in your head asking yourself if anyone is going to like this shit. Personally, I love this shit. I put a lot into it. I feel really good right now. I can’t complain, that’s for sure. I’m very thankful, trying to stay humble. It’s just the beginning. No reason to have a big head over it. It is a little pressure off, though. The songs are written for that project. I can kind of branch out and start working on some other shit. The pressure is off and I’m feeling good as fuck. I’m just happy. 

Eargrub: You being a pretty poetry lyricist, what are your thoughts on the gangsta rap resurgence we’ve seen from ScHoolboy Q’s latest project and YG’s latest effort?

Bliss: I like that Q project a lot. It’s kind of funny, “Man of the Year” dropped, for me, and then like two days later I sat down and had my first listen through Q’s new album. Like, Q has a track called “Man of the Year.” I just geeked out. I should have gotten the knowledge on that. I mean, it worked out for me, and of course Q is doing his thing. Oxymoron is a straight LA gangster album.  Like the intro to that album is a little kid being like, “Daddy’s a gangster” or  some shit like that. I like “The Purge.” He put Tyler on, I thought that was pretty interesting. I didn’t really see that coming. He’s got BJ the Chicago Kid on there, I dig that track. You’ve got “Collard Greens,” and like, come on. I really like this side of Rap. I’m no stranger to gangsters, I just wasn’t ever gang banging. I mean, some of that crazy gangster shit is what really got me into Rap at first. For today’s shit, I wouldn’t necessarily call it resurgence. I think that gangster rap will always exist somewhere. I think someone will always be making gangster rap, just as someone will always be making country music. There is gangster rap everywhere. I think that this resurgence, if we want to coin it as that now, is definitely due in part to social unrest. That shit pops when people are pissed off. That’s just the reality of it. You can pick up on a lot of things that are happening in the media around the world, and I think gangster rap has a say in that. You can see when those cities and neighborhoods get hit real hard. Gangster rap has its place. I think it’s very important to the structure of Hip hop. I’m really glad Q is doing his thing. I should probably listen through that YG album again. He pretty lyrical. I can’t say I’ve listened to it more than, like, twice. Cool efforts coming out, though. 

Eargrub: What would you say is your favorite project of this year so far?

Bliss: Shit. I don’t even know if I could say. I just think there is so much going on. I don’t know. I don’t know if I could drop a name on it. I think there is too much going on for me right now. Like, as far as my listening goes, I don’t really get caught up in this song or that song. I need to sit down and listen to so many projects, and think of it like that. And I know my listening isn’t all the way through. I don’t need to  drop a name on that.

Eargrub: So it sounds like you’ll listen to an album over a single, what’s your environment like when listening to a project.

Bliss: I live with a sax player, so he’s focused in Jazz. With that, my day is kind of littered with hearing snippets of a live saxophone performance. We sit down damn near every night to talk about, you know, the state of the world, and we just throw on music. For me to sit down and really have an in-depth listen to something, it’s not going to be the first time I hear it. I’ll put on something I’ve never heard, and I’ll catch a lyric and then need to listen back through it. It starts with listening, listening, listening and if something catches me, I’ll sit down and really listen to it again. I think that’s important. If I can listen to your album and never sit back and ask myself what the fuck is going on in your music, I probably won’t play it back for a while. But yeah, it’s a pretty constant endeavor for me.

Eargrub: So you dropped this tape, people are loving it, what are we to expect next from Bliss & Alice?

Bliss: I think I’m going to shell your expectations. I have a very in-depth writing process. I try to be very cognoscente of what’s going on in my music. I’d venture to say that my next project drops this year. I think it can be a two tape year for me. I’m working with videographers. You know, we are going to get the esthetic right, we are going to get the live set right, and we are going to make sure it works. The creative energy doesn’t stop at this tape – It’s in full swing. Don’t expect anything in particular, but expect a lot. It’s going to be a big year.

As someone who tries his best to endorse good Hip hop, I implore you all to support the homie Bliss & Alice. He is making music that stopped me in my tracks, and from what I’ve been reading, it’s having that effect on a lot of others. Y’all need to make yourself knowledgable, because if he gets another tape out this year, it’s going to be even bigger than his first. This dude is going somewhere, he has far too much talent not to. For now, cop Poetry Volume One – The Shit Talker Tape on his Bandcamp, and enjoy his craft. Believe me, it’s top.

Charlie Johns

Salva – Drop That Bitch


Some big names on this one. Salva erected a track that goes hard as hell. Featuring vocals from Schoolboy Q, Problem, Bad Lucc and Kurupt you know it’s bound to be a bumpin’ tune. Featuring some trappy flavor and insane bass, Salva has crafted a track that’s bound to make it’s way into plenty of party playlist rotations. Turn that bass up and enjoy.

– Dave




It’s safe to say that Banks is slowly taking over the world with her music. Since her start in the music profession at the young age of 15, she has been moving her way up, touring internationally with The Weeknd and also being nominated for numerous awards. All of Banks’ music is extremely emotional, and she claims that it acts as a way for her to express herself, and all of us can thank her for amazing way of expressing emotion by creating these incredible sounds. Her newest track, “GODDESS”, is the first single off of an album that is scheduled to be released on the 9th of September. The song doesn’t disappoint, featuring her incredible voice with amazing production and heavy beats. Enjoy this brand new Banks.

– Sam

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Giraffage & Branchez Show Review + Giraffage Interview

Branchez & Giraffage Feel This

Last night I went to see Giraffage & Branchez at Backbooth here in Orlando for their “Feel This” tour. Backbooth is a very small club, two hundred maximum capacity from what I have been told, so it was a very intimate experience. Upon arrival there weren’t too many people there, but as the night picked up people started filling up the room. I had an extremely awesome time and danced the night away. Some local artists stopped by and showed their support, including Vices, XXYYXX, K1K0, and Big Makk. Each act put on an impressing performance grabbing the crowds attention and keeping people moving throughout the night.

Unfortunately running a bit late caused me to miss the first performance from Spies On Bikes, but a friend told me his set was very serene. Spies On Bikes samples his vocals and sings over his tracks live and samples bits of analogue synthesis to create a more relaxed environment for the listener. From the few people I spoke with his performance was the perfect way to get the night started.

As I stepped through the doors I noticed the crowd swaying to the smooth experimental vibes. The live performance from this artist had my attention and I had to find out who it was. As I was about to go ask the door man who he was, the tropical visualizer switched to bold lettering which read out MARBLE. Marble’s performance consisted of more mellow vibes and vocals with the coolest reverb. The way he was singing reminded me a bit like the Beach Boys. Very subtle and touching performance. After every track ended the crowd would clap and cheer, so he got on the microphone and lightly said “Wow. I guess all my friends are here.” I was intrigued by his performance and excited to look up his music when I got home.

Upon the end of Marble’s set Giraffage walked on to stage and everybody screamed like a bunch of school girls, I swear I saw a nipple. Giraffage set up briefly and started triggering drum samples on his MPC. Giraffage gave the thumbs up to the engineer and introduces himself over a drum beat he was triggering live and got the vibes going right away with his remix of The Dream – Playin’ In Her Hair. Cellphones went up and started recording videos. Positive vibes permeated throughout the room and the luscious future bass set kept everybody on their toes. Giraffage broke apart the stems from one track of his into another creating a unique live performance. As his set went on the crowd filled up and everybody was loving every moment. When he dropped his remix of Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” everybody went crazy. Arms went up, feet were stomping, and people were singing along! Mid set Giraffage got on the microphone and made a shout out to Marcel, XXYYXX, and dropped their track together Even Though. If you were to ask me what were the high points and low points of his set I wouldn’t be able to tell you either, because this was an all time high. The set was everything I could have dreamed of. I was blessed with the opportunity to do an interview, which you can find below.

I thought that Giraffage’s set would be a hard one to follow but Branchez stepped on and immediately started ripping the crowd apart. Branchez started his set with A$AP Ferg – Let It Go and transitioned that into Basenji – Dawn and at that point I knew I was in for a treat. Being more of a DJ set compared to the previous performers, Branchez really put on for the crowd. Dropped some Stwo, Skrillex – F*ck That, and a whole lot of Jersey Club. The first song of his he played was “Shake,” being so in to Jersey Club I was very excited. Being a headlining set Branchez took the energy levels a bit up and dropped some heavier tracks of his including his remix of Mat Zo – Pyramid Scheme. I was blown away from the variety of music Branchez played. From chill to heavy trap, deep house, jersey club, and booty bass he kept the crowd jumping and everybody left happy!


Giraffage Interview:

When did you first get involved in music and what brought that on?

I started making music in high school and it was definitely a way of escaping the boring routines of school.

I know you have done video game sound in the past. How did you get in to that?

I used to make chiptune-esque music under the moniker “robot science” and I guess those sounds resonated a lot with the video game community and have been commissioned to do a few soundtracks since then.

What game in your opinion has the best quality music and sound effects?

I can’t say about quality but my favorite soundtracks would have to be either super mario world for the SNES or pokemon red/blue. Video game music has to be able to get stuck in your head and if I play one of those games, I’m going to be humming the songs in my head all week!

If you could say there is an animal which embodies your music, what would that be?

A dolphin sipping on lean

What is your thoughts on 10 year old Aiden Jude, if you have any?

who dat

A friend of yours called you and is coming to town and needs a ride from the airport. Do you pick them up in a Delorean, a chariot driven by lions, or Big Boi’s cadillac?

A Delorean so I can also travel back in time and pick him up in a chariot driven by lions and then also Big Boi’s cadillac to see which one has the best results

Where was the first show you ever played?

It was at stanford college and I was nervous for about 2 weeks in advance

Who would win in a fight, Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres?

Oprah looks like she has more muscle mass

Where did you go to college and what did you study?

UC Berkeley, political economy. I hated it

If you were able to spend a weekend anywhere in the universe, where would it be?


Really appreciate your time, do you have anything coming up in the near future we could let the world know about?

I’m sitting on a bunch of new music, stay tuned 😉