YHETI Full Discography & Interview


Yheti is a monster of a producer located in Dayton, Ohio. He is a very spiritually in touch producer and the sheer magic Yheti puts in to his bass music will take you on one hell of a magic carpet ride through multiple dimensions. Yheti has been gracious enough to grant us the opportunity to give you his complete discography, from 2008 – 2012, and blessed me with his time to conduct an interview.

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Yheti Interview:

You have put your own touch on a whole heaping load of different genres, from dubstep, jungle, juke, acid trap & future bass. What’s next for you?

“I think the future of music for me will always be a fusion of various styles blooming in bass culture. I enjoy all different types of music as long as it’s interesting and sincere. I think in the far future, when I’m like middle aged, I’ll play future jazz at festivals and record children’s music.”

What was your inspiration to start making music?

“I’ve always been into creating environments, and making art. Music just seemed to have the biggest influence on my consciousness so I wanted to learn to affect others in a similar way and to design it for myself.”

How long have you been producing for and did you play any instruments prior to producing?

“I’ve been recording music for 12 years. When I first started I played guitar and recorded with a 4track, drum machine, microphone, and effect pedal. During lunch at school I would sit in the music department and play piano. I also played in a couple metal and punk bands in high school. I started making music on the computer when I was 18 and have been going hard ever since. I look at computer production as having a orchestra of infinitely talented musicians who will play anything you desire on any instrument you design whenever you’d like.”

What was the first record you heard that made you realize that this is what you want to do?

“Well, I guess technically that would be Puff Daddy, cause I was rocking that shit when I was a kid. For electronic music specifically, Shpongle was a big influence. So was Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Beastie Boys, and a BUNCH of other records. I’ve always taking inspiration from a wide variety of sources, it’s always hard for me to choose favorites of anything.”

Wave Racer played your song “Fresh” in Folsom a few days ago. How did that gem end up in his hands and what was your response when you found out he dropped it?

“He’s been following me for awhile on soundcloud. I was ultra stoked to hear that he has been dropping it at his shows. Though it is sort of a weird feeling not getting to see the crowds reaction first hand. Whether someone is socially recognized or not, it’s always important to me whenever someone resonates with my music in any positive way.”

You giving away your entire discography for free is a huge deal! Why did you decide to make your discography, in it’s entirety, available to the general public?

“Well, I’ve always given out my music for free when I’m not in need. I figured I’ve been getting some attention and it would be proper to make it available in that format. I know that when I would torrent a discography from a musician, I would spend days getting into their music. Also, I’m currently booking my second US tour and wanted to have all my material organized to share with the friends I make on the road, plus get it out to people so they know my music when I play in their town.”

I know when you went under the alias Yeti Master you performed with an APC 40. If you were given the option today to perform on any medium, being vinyl, CDJs, or a controller, what would you choose and why?

“I enjoy using a controller and a laptop the most. For playing originals, Ableton is best for me. Sometimes I use the stems from the individual tracks to mix with others. When I DJ live at parties I usually use Virtual Dj, I find an art in using the underdog in a champion way, I used to do almost all of my art in ms paint for a long time.”

Back in 2012 you played a show in Lake Tahoe and all you wore during your performance was “whitey-tighties.” What’s the story on that?

“hahaha…… I was joking with the promoter about striping down in my underwear while I played, and he was laughing so hard and didn’t believe I would do it. As I played I slowly stripped my clothes until it was just granny panties with 666 written on the crouch and blood stain in the ass. It was so funny… but I probably won’t do it again… I’m not trying to be “that guy”….. cause now every time I’m in North lake everyone wants me to get naked.”

I know when you were 11 you were in to Pokemon, I mean who wasn’t back then, I went ahead and did the justice of rediscovering your look as a Pokemon and I think you will like it.

Yheti as a Pokemon

I can’t express my gratitude enough that you are taking time from your day to conduct this interview! Is there any big things coming out in the near future we should keep our eyes peeled for?

“I’m always working on and releasing new music on www.soundcloud.com/yheti . I’ll be on US tour this summer, so keep an eyeball out, and you may catch an ultra trippy bass music performance.”

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us and again thank you so much for your time.
– Andrew

  • Willy Murder

    Yheti be that bass master, makes my heart faster, cosmic energy through sound. haiku for ya 😛