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Wampire – Wizard Staff


This up and coming indy rock band is gearing up for the release of their new album, Bazaar. Not only does Wampire have the best band name, their new track, Wizard Staff, is excellent. Wizard Staff is the first promotional track for Bazaar released by Polyvinyl Records. There is a vast difference between older Wampire and what I’m hearing on this track. Much less of a dedication to the lo-fi recording and increased focus on songwriting. Production by Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra surely plays a role in the refined sound. Anyways, Its got us fans very excited for their upcoming album Bazaar. Stream it below.

Pre-order Bazaar here.

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Fences – Arrows (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)


Looks like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back, featured on a track with Seattle native Fences. They’ve worked together before on the ‘Otherside’ remix and based on ‘Arrows’ it’s apparent they work well together. I gotta say this tune is incredibly catchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing it on the radio pretty soon, and not just because of the name ‘Macklemore’ in the title. Enjoy.

– Dave


How To Get Blogs To Notice You


As of me writing this post there are 1,079 unread messages in our email.

Track submissions are something that all blogs deal with and we are surely not the only ones who have inordinate amounts of unappreciated music piling up. By no means am I an expert in publicity, but having worked on Eargrub for over a year and a half I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t for artists who are trying to spread the word. To help you guys out, I’ve compiled a few tips on how you can get blogs to notice you.

1. Offer an exclusive on your next track

This one is a no brainer. Music blogs thrive on exclusivity. How else will they set themselves apart? Instead of just pasting the link to your latest track and hitting send, offer the blog you are contacting a chance to release it exclusively. Sometimes you have to realize the road goes both ways, and if you want your back scratched you gotta dish a little scratching yourself. (Don’t actually scratch their backs).

2. Personalize the god damn email

I can’t believe how many times I’ve read the same generic shit copy and pasted 500 times over. “Hello [BLOG OWNER] we love your site! Post my song plz.” Fuck that. Spend the extra five minutes it takes to ACTUALLY personalize the email with names, correctly spelled blogs (No more Ear Grub…please. It’s one word. IT’S ONE WORD) and maybe an extra sentence acknowledging something specific about the site. (Ex. I saw you posted the latest _______ and I think I follow his same style!)

3. Return the favor

Remember that weird back scratching stuff from earlier? Yeah keep doing that. Once the blog actually posts your latest track or project you should tweet it out, post it on your Facebook page and repost it on Soundcloud (if it’s an exclusive). Just because a blog has posted a song of yours in the past does not guarantee their undying loyalty, but if you’ve continually returned the favor they will be MUCH more likely to help you out.

4. Brand yourself

Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, What So Not, ODESZA. All of these artists are ones who have nailed down their branding. Dillon Francis with his ridiculous antics, Flosstradamus with their HDY theme. If you are part of a really unique/interesting collective or if you have a really great personality or movement you will naturally draw people in that like your aesthetic.

5. Tailor to the blog’s style (Possibly the most important)

Really bro? You think that a blog heavily focused on Australian Indie music will post your DAVINCII remix? Find the major/minor blogs within your specific sub-genre, whether that be Chillwave, Trap, Moobah, and use the aforementioned tips.

Obviously there’s more to it, and if there’s a demand for it we’d be happy to share some more tips, but if you follow these steps you’re guaranteed to see some response. Good luck.

NehruvianDOOM – OM


Now this is a collaboration that’s been hyped for a while. The young and talented Bishop Nehru linked up with legendary producer and emcee MF Doom for their project ‘NehruvianDOOM’ set to drop in September. ‘OM’ contains that classic boom-bap style that DOOM is known for and Bishop’s refined flow. I gotta say I was a bit pessimistic about how these two would sound together and I’m thankful that my pre concieved notions have been shattered. For now enjoy this taste of some NehruvianDOOM.

– Dave


GUM – Delorean Highway (full album)


Jay Watson, aka Gum, is a member of two superb bands from Perth, Australia. Watson tours with songwriter/DIY producer Kevin Parker to preform Tame Impala’s most profound sets. When Parker retreats into his coined lonerism, recording the next Tame album, Watson can be found blaring weird rock songs with a group of scrappy Perth rockers presumed to be Pond. Believe it or not, even Pond needs a break from their own crunchy sets. This is when Watson somehow finds time to write songs as Gum. Over the past couple years, Gum has compiled 10 tracks which make up his debut solo album, Delorean Highway. The album’s name is inspired by Doc Brown’s time traveling Delorean from Back to the Future. Gum describes it as a record full of “paranoid pop songs.”

About a month ago I was eagerly awaiting the releases of Gum’s debut from Spinning Top Music. In fact it was the trifecta: Gum, Shiny Joe Ryan and Felicity Groom were releasing albums with the label at the same time. After hearing promotional tracks like, “Growin’ Up” and “Misunderstanding” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on rest of the record. To my dismay, I didn’t realize Spinning Top hadn’t lined up the albums for release in the U.S/Canada. After a few emails to Spinning Top and a lot of scouring over the internet, I reluctantly decided to wait. To appease the North Americans I’m sure, Spinning Top suddenly put up Delorean Highway free streaming on Soundcloud! The album met my expectations and went even further. Great songwriting met by some wild guitar effects makes for an innovative yet reminiscent rock sound.

Stream it below and keep an eye out. I’ll give everyone an update upon the official release so you can download it.

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Skizzy Mars – Lucy


Skizzy Mars is back with a song about a girl other than Tara titled ‘Lucy’. Michael Keenan handled the production on this one and I gotta say it has that classic Skizzy sound. As always his lyrics are on point and smooth. Don’t find yourself sleeping on this one. Enjoy the latest Skiz.

– Dave


IshDARR – Nothing


Young Milwaukee emcee IshDARR impressed with his debut EP The Better Life earlier this year and shows that he plans to continue that legacy with his latest joint, “NOTHING.” This song is all that makes IshDARR a compelling act to follow. His flows are nice, having a cadence that makes his music super entertaining and some real lyrical talent for someone his age. He also is backed by a great instrumental on the track, but from listening to the EP it’s clear that the dude clearly has standards for his production value, so not a huge surprise. I’m really glad to hear more music from this young dude. His future is bright. Peep his track below y’all, and enjoy.

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Charlie Johns

Felly – Dirty Pockets (Official Music Video)


CT native Chris Felner A.K.A Felly is back with a set of visuals to ‘Dirty Pockets’. Dirty Pockets was a single on his most recent mixtape ‘Waking Up To Sirens’ and I gotta say, it’s one of my favorite tracks on there. The video shows some chilled out East Coast hanging featuring boats, backyards and blunts (alliteration is chill). The boys at 2273 records did a nice job on this one. Enjoy.

– Dave


Eargrub Radio: 005 – Filip Riva


Masumi is back with an especially banging installment of Eargrub Radio. We’ve got a hell of a mix from Filip Riva that is bound to keep you satisfied until next week. Check out the track list and bump the latest! Enjoy.

Masumi’s Tracklist
1. Gold Skies (ZAXX & Jaylex remix)
2. Krewella – We We One (Dzeko & Torres Remix)
3. Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft. Sterling Fox – Colors (Hit The Bass Remix)
4. Dash Berlin & Rigby – Earth Meets Water (Toby Green Remix)
5. 3LAU feat. Bright Lights – How You Love Me (Arston Remix)
6. Project 46 – Eyes (Original Mix)
7. Sick Individuals – Wasting Moonlight (Original Mix)

Filip Riva’s Tracklist
1. Deorro – For President (Original Mix)
2. Rehab & Eva Simons – Unstoppable (VINAI Remix)
3. Calvin Harris – Summer (Ummet Ozcan & Rehab Remix)
4. Steve Aoki, 2Unlimited, Ibranovski – Get Filthy And Ready (Filip Riva MashUp)
5. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Martin Garrix – Tremor (Jewelz & Sparks Edit)
6. Reece Low, Henry Fong – Slapjack (Original Mix)
7. Matt Watkins & Nathan Thomson – Raver (Original Mix)
8. Tiesto, Mathew Koma – Wasted (Rehab Remix)
9. Pharoahe Monch, Reece Low, Felix Cartal, Autoerotique – Simon Says Heat (Filip Riva MashUp)
10. Deniz Koyu – Tung! (Filip Riva 2k14 Edit)
11. Joel Fletcher, Reece Low – Back 2 Front (Original Mix)
12. W&W, Blasterjaxx – Rocket (Original Mix)
13. Marco V – MET (Original Mix)
14. Wiwek, Gregor Salto – On Your Mark (Filip Riva Cut)
15. Filip Riva & Philippe Lemot vs. Dyro & Ansol – Top Of The Booster (Basti M Festival Edit)

If you want to hear your track on Eargrub Radio, feel free to send it !

OnCue – Way Too Far (Brenton Duvall Remix)


Brenton Duvall is a producer who was first on my radar in 2010 after dropping a mashup of Taylor Swift and Wiz Khalifa which is still in my playlist rotation today. For his latest tune he decided to rework OnCue’s Way Too Far and give it a slower, breathing vibe with some jazz elements and poignant percussion. After hearing this tune, it’s apparent that Brenton has some big things planned. Enjoy the latest from Brenton Duvall!

– Dave