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IshDARR – August (Prod. by Simen Solvang)

ishdarr august

Milwaukee’s new point-of-pride, Eargrub’s dear homie IshDARR recently turned 18, and he decided to commemorate it by dropping a wild new song entitled “August.” This young cat always impresses with his raps, and continues to surpass expectations with machine gun flows that make a statement and bold, unconventional production choices which always seem to resonate with his listeners. Sorry for this write-up being a bit short, but Ish has been releasing work so frequently and it’s all been so compelling that he has exhausted my vocabulary of words for praise, which I like to think speaks very well of him.

Peep the fresh heat below.

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Charlie Johns

Lil Herb (feat. Common and Chance, The Rapper) – Fight of Flight (Remix)


I really don’t think the Heads are giving G Herbo enough credit. He released his freshman effort, the early 2014 mixtape Welcome to Fazoland, to a mix of responses. Personally, I didn’t feel strongly enough about it one way or the other to justify a full review, but it deserves to be defended (as well as praised) for what it is. This mixtape may not be the most clean and well-produced piece of music to come out of 2014’s Hip hop – it isn’t even the best thing to come out of Chicago this year – but Lil Herb shows an absurd amount of raw talent in his raps, and his level of bravado is something to be mentioned. There were some tracks (especially on the No DJ version) that go in with some ferocity. My personal favorites were “Koolin”, “Designer”, and the track that we will be looking at today.

Lil Herb returns with a remix to “Fight or Flight” from his 2014 debut, now bringing in two other of Chicago’s staple artists, Common and Chance The Rapper. I really love all that is going on with this track. It keeps Herb’s solid first verse, adds an always thoughtful and impressive Common 16-bar, throws in a Chance contribution that floored me, and closes with a fresh and incredibly energized second verse from Lil Herb. Listen for yourself below. Enjoy yourself.

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Charlie Johns

Vic Mensa – Wimme Nah (Waldo & Sango Remix)


Wow. First off, let me just compliment Sango’s take on the original ‘Wimme Nah’ beat produced by Kaytranada. Slowing up the pace a little bit, Sango added some fat bass and Vic samples paired with Waldo’s insane lyricism. It’s one of the deadlist combos I’ve heard in a while. The Astronaut gang is going places. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

– Dave


ALEXA & Unkle Ricky – Luv Sick ($aturn Remix)


$aturn always comes up with wicked vocal dubstep remixes and this is no exception. Beginning with the vocals which then build with the backing instrumentals, “Luv Sick” crescendos into an epic drop that $aturn is well known for. $aturn also threw in some snare rolls to satisfy a little bit of everyone’s trap fix. I’d keep an eye on $aturn because I can foresee more great productions in the future in addition to this free download!

– Sam

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Epicure – Vice City [Premiere]


Hailing from Kalamazoo, Epicure is an artist who doesn’t seem to define himself to one genre. Constantly experimenting and exploring new tunes, he’s given us the opportunity to showcase ‘Vice City’, a bassy, wavy, flowing tune that slaps from kick to snare. I urge you to pour through Epicure’s discography to uncover some amazing tunes that simply shouldn’t go unnnoticed. For now, turn the volume up and jam out to ‘Vice City’.

– Dave


The Palmer Squares x ProbCause – SQUIZAD


It wasn’t until I heard ProbCause on his track ‘LSD’ that I noticed he was something special. Not only that, but Chicago duo The Palmer Squares are the icing on the cake to ‘SQUIZAD’. I love the simplistic, trappy beat to go along with the Emcee’s lyrical talent. Here’s to you and your homies shouting “SQUIZAD” every time you come across one another. Enjoy.

– Dave


Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy


Logic is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists, and when I saw Childish Gambino’s name on the track title I knew this would be good. It’s also nice seeing Logic with credit for the production on this track, proving that he’s an artist of many hats and not simply just a lyricist (although he could get away with it). This song is definitely going to become a usual rotation in my playlist. Hit that play and enjoy.

– Dave


Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Tchami Remix)

tchami hard summer

This song which came out today is a perfect example of what Tchami can do to make a great deep house track even better. The original song was your regular deep house track, but Tchami made his version even heavier. Tchami utilized the vocals of the original track to add extra soul to this remix. Even though he has been gaining notoriety at mainstream  festivals, Tchami has not softened his approach to production, and “Pushing On” is a perfect example of that.  This song is available on iTunes beginning on Augist 31st, so I’d say that you should get it then, but in the meantime, you can hear it on Soundcloud!

– Sam

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EPISODE – Hold On EP Trailer & Exclusive Interview


If you’ve been following our coverage of NY-based group EPISODE, you’ll know that we’ve been at the edge of our seats waiting for new releases–and if you’ve been listening to what they’ve been putting out chances are that you’re hungry for more too. That’s why we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit down with band and give you an exclusive look at the trailer for their upcoming EP, Hold On, out Sept 2. Peep the teaser and read on to see what they had to say about who they are and what they’re working towards. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to watch their video for ‘Hold On’. Enjoy. 

Eargrub: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what role each of you play in the group? 

EPISODE : The band is made up of four members: Lonner (vox/production), Scott (production), Eric (guitar/production), and Brett (drums). We all play multiple instruments, so it’s pretty fun when we get together in a room and start throwing ideas around.

Eargrub: As a NY-based group how do you find yourselves drawing inspiration from the city? 

EPISODE : This last EP was actually written in a bunch of different places, but we’ve found that inspiration is just relaxing and letting it come to you. Eric and Brett live up on the west side and have a great space with a balcony that overlooks the city; that space has definitely been a huge source of inspiration for the follow up EP. It is one of the few places in the city we really feel like we can breathe. 

Eargrub: Your releases so far have been incredibly diverse. It really seems like you guys can do it all—produce, perform, write. What kind of goals do you have for the future? Do you think you’ll continue on this no-boundaries-trajectory, or are you planning to eventually settle into a more distinct genre? 

EPISODE : Ha thanks! In the future we want to continue producing and writing for other artists in various genres, but as far as EPISODE the band goes, the sound is going to be more consistent. Expect a live-sound, but one that still incorporates our trademark production. 

Eargrub: What can you tell us about your upcoming EP, Hold On? What message are you trying to get across with this release? 

EPISODE : “Hold On” was our transition period. It was the time that we took to figure out what we really wanted to do, and we’ve found that now. The only message we’re really trying to deliver with this EP is that there are no boundaries when it comes to making good music — you do what feels/sounds right. 

Eargrub: The artists you feature like Mree, Topaz Jones, and Stefan Weiner are total standouts. How do you find a balance between showcasing these talented musicians and building a stand-alone identity for EPISODE? 

EPISODE : Collaboration was at the heart of this project. Our goal was simply to make the best songs possible with some talented artists we admired. The follow up EP should clear up all the questions about who we really are as a band…

Eargrub: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? 

EPISODE : Kanye West. He is one of the greatest collaborators of all time. 

Eargrub: How do you think your music will translate onto a stage? Do you plan on making live performance a big part of your identity?

EPISODE : We’ve taken a heavily produced album and put a really cool live-show spin on it. We’re performers first and understand that the live show is everything. At the end of the day, our live show will be our identity. 

Be sure to like EPISODE on Facebook and check them out on Twitter and Soundcloud! Stay tuned for their EP dropping September 2nd!



We are back this week with another edition of BLVNT SESSIONS in collaboration with BLVNT RECORDS. Today we’ve got an ambient masterpiece coming from DRWN., a savvy producer from Switzerland. His expertise shines in this boom-bap knockout. Hit play and chill out for 30 minutes! Enjoy.

– Dave