Felly – Milk & Sugar [Exclusive Interview + New Project]


It’s been a while since we last spoke to So-Cal rapper and producer Felly. He’s been pretty busy since then, cranking out a 12-track project titled ‘Milk & Sugar’ featuring beats from the likes of D.R.O (Who produces for The Palmer Squares) and some features from 2273’s very own roster. Felly was kind enough to answer some questions in his jam-packed release week, so I’ll let him do most of the talking. Enjoy some new words and sounds directly from Felly.

– Dave

Eargrub: So Felly, last time we spoke you had just released Waking Up To Sirens. How have things been going since then?

Felly: Whatsup man. Things have been going well, real well. Been happy and inspired you know.

Eargrub: Your project, Milk N Sugar, dropped on Halloween. What made you choose this as a release date?

Felly: Honestly there was no real reason other than being an easy date to remember. I really do vibe with Halloween though. I just remember Halloween nights back in High School when Fall was just super prevalent (this was over in CT), right around the time you like started drinking with your friends and being curious and whatnot. I pictured the potential of getting all the young guns I know from home stoked for the night and so Halloween morning felt right for the drop .

Eargrub: Is there any meaning behind the title, Milk N Sugar?

Felly: I mean, other than being two things I use every morning when I wake and make tea, I’d say the “meaning” is just about showing love to the smaller, finer things. Who’s really showing love to milk and sugar, you know? We gotta get stoked on shit.

Eargrub: What’s going to be different about this project from your past tapes?

Felly: In my opinion I think this project just shows maturity and improvement in the art, especially mix/quality wise. I started taking things a bit more seriously, listening more and spending a lot of energy on getting every detail how I envisioned. So yea, I think the project basically serves as a message that I’m gonna keep pushing and evolving. It gets stressful when you pour so much into it but you definitely reap the rewards. People notice when things have taken time for crafting.

Eargrub: You’ve been in the studio with Tayyib Ali recently. Can we expect any exciting collaborations from you in the future?

Felly: Haha. Maybe at some point man but right now were not doing anything as far as collabing. I just sat in on one of his sessions that my homie Jake was filming. It was a good time though. Hopefully we can put something out for y’all in due time.

Eargrub: What’s your opinion on the LA music scene? Where do you see it going in the future?

Felly: LA music scene is tight. Concert crowds really do vary but overall, kids get hype! So hype. I’ve been going to Low End Theory with my homies and just went to Fools Gold Day Off and we’ve just been realizing how fortunate we are for living in such an inspired city. People are really into people and what they do. It’s sick being around a like minded breed at shows and you really feed off them and what they’re passionate about. Whatever the LA music scene is right now, I think it’s killing it. If you saw Travis Scott a couple weeks ago off Fig, you know what I’m saying. Keep it going.

Eargrub: What’s a common mistake you see new artists making?

Felly: Being basic, stepping away from record players and sampling, and using cheesy ass stock drums. Stop that.

Eargrub: Any parting words?

Felly: Go cop that Milk & Sugar! Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe not. Thanks for having me yo.

Go ahead and download Milk & Sugar directly from Felly’s Bandcamp. Enjoy.