Young Fathers – Rain or Shine


Serving as the followup to their 2014 full-length debut, UK Experimental group Young Fathers has returned to us with details on their forthcoming album with a single to boot. I’ve personally been following Young Fathers since 2011 when they released their first project, Tape One. At this point, I would think I’d be able to describe their sound with pretty exact accuracy, but besides radical genre-splicing there isn’t too much more to say. Take the UK Grime Hip hop scene, blend it with strong soul poetry, and mix it all with an African drum circle. That’s Young Fathers in a nutshell.

I’m fumbling with my words because there is always certain progression with any Young Fathers release, but its tough to pin point it. It has an undeniable deliberacy to it that makes any sort of claims equating its lo-fi nature to being rough around the edges entirely moot. On “Rain or Shine” we hear a bit more polish on a product that is, as always, being further honed. They still have the poetic lyricism, the vocals are still lo-fi and stylized, but there is an underlying Pop-ish sound that I haven’t gotten from their music before.  According to the trio, this new album, entitled WHITE MEN ARE BLACK MEN TOO will fittingly be their “interpretation of what a pop album should be.” Look out for it on the 6th of April.

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Charlie Johns