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Childish Gambino – STN MTN / Kauai [Mixtape]


Well, here it is. Childish Gambino drops his 18 track mixtape STN MTN / Kauai via DJ Drama. The tape is split into two parts, STN MTN and Kauai respectively, which Childish explains,

The Gangsta Grillz mixtape is a dream, and the dream ends when I wake up in Kauai. And they go into each other; it’s one complete project. You can download the mixtape and you can go buy the EP. The money from the EP goes to help keeping Kauai clean,” Gambino said. “It’s a cool project.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to every track on the tape and peer into the mind of Childish Gambino. Enjoy.

– Dave


Getter – Shambhala 2014 Set


If you are a fan of filthy dubstep, this is the mix for you. Recently at the Shambhala Music Festival, Getter dropped this massive set full of new tunes as well as older staples of dubstep sets such as Skrillex’s “Reptile”. The whole set just pushes the boundaries of your mind through each wave of pure filth. I’d keep an eye on Getter (probably by snagging this free download) seeing that his tracks have been played out a lot by Datsik and other big names!

– Sam

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BLVNT SESSION 02 | miska .


Welcome to our second BLVNT SESSION in collaboration with Michigan’s very own BLVNT RECORDS. Today we received an exceptional mix from Miska, a producer all the way from Helsinki, Finland. From his very own originals to some tasteful boom-bap, there’s no way this mix could’ve been made chiller. There is no doubt in my mind that when you hit play you’ll be blessed with 20 straight minutes of chillaxed vibery. Enjoy the latest sesh.

– Dave


Thruhh & MIKE – Belgium Butter [Premiere]


Belgium Butter is a collaboration album between New York City rapper MIKE and Brussels boom-bap savant Thruuh. Together they have put together a 6 track mixtape that sends my memories back to Detroit’s Dilla with their savvy production and effortless lyricism. It’s apparent that Belgium Butter wasn’t simply slapped together, but each track was carefully crafted with extreme precision. Do yourself a favor and cop the free download and bump to Thruhh and MIKE’s creation.

– Dave




I’m very proud to announce the first of our BLVNT SESSION’s in collaboration with BLVNT RECORDS. Digging into their roster, we were blessed with a chilled out mix from P H I L O. The mix blends together the best elements of hip hop, boom bap and some crispy lyricism. There’s no doubt that when you hit play, the next 22 minutes of your life will be carefree. Stay tuned for more sessions from the team over at BLVNT RECORDS, but for now sit back and enjoy some sounds direct from P H I L O.

– Dave

P H I L O – lone.nights_
deadxbeat – Lifes.a.snitch.
L u u i – Grill [prod By. GRiMM Doza x ฬเןl] P H I L O – since.i.saw.you_
tyy P – new_stuff [prod. Aksua X goonf!sh.] Scienze – Montauk. [prod. ShunGu] Green Assassin Dollar – Difference
Sin Marlee – King Of Nazareth Prod by foisey.
Shūnya – My friend the bear
P H I L O – yellow.stones_
Scuare – Thoughts Presented [Ponder] Stanley Ipkuss – crocodilesmiles [prod. ▲ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ▼] tyy P – jurk [prod. P H I L O]

Be sure to check out BLVNT Records bandcamp to listen to their entire discography!

Twine – The Killing Machine


Dubstep/Trap hybrid producer Twine just dropped a massive new album called “Killing Machine”. Though there are only five songs, there is enough grimy dubstep and trap for anyone to get their fix. Though Twine isn’t the most well-known artist, his song “Trillaz” from this album has been extensively used by Datsik due to its heavy drop which morphs into a slithering dubstep section. I would recommend this album to fans who are looking for a new twist on either their dubstep or trap.

– Sam


Cam Meekins: New Album, New Journey [Exclusive Interview]


Cam Meekins is a talented artist to say the least. This 21 year old Boston native has been making the rounds for years now, but this album is special. He broke off from his Major Label and did this 100% his own way.  His latest release ‘1993, vol. 2‘ just dropped and he was kind enough to answer some questions about Lamp City, Collaborations and where the fuck he goin’ (Inhale anyone). Sit back and enjoy.

Eargrub: So you’ve just come off dropping 1993 Vol. 2, what’s the message you want to get across with this album?

Cam: Yeah man, just dropped the album… the response so far has been awesome! Mainly, I guess the message I was trying to get across here was more so letting people into the vibe I have going on right now with my music, and career. We just left a major label, and started my own label Lamp City Records. This is the first project completely independently released through that imprint and I wanted to just get back to my 1993 roots a little bit with an upbeat, summertime vibe that had some great beats and a lot of singles you can listen to and have a good time to. That’s obviously why we called it 1993, vol 2. Another reason is because I see this time in my life as a big transition period with the whole label switch, turning 21, etc. and 1993 original was about transitions too. I was turning 18, graduating high school, a lot going on. Both transition periods, just in different ways.

Eargrub: What was it like working independently on 1993, vol. 2 versus a label? 

Cam: It was awesome man! I got attracted to hip hop and music in the first place not just because I love being creative with writing music, but because it allows for another creative canvas in business to dig deep and take a lot of risks as an entrepreneur and it is so fun. The stakes are higher these days as I basically am a small business owner and have to manage accounting, finance, marketing, production, distribution as well as write and produce the music, BUT that is exactly what I’ve always wanted and I am having a great time. I am able to move 10x faster than I ever was with a major label because I don’t have to get stalled in the work-flow of climbing the corporate ladder of approval before executing a marketing campaign. Being able to just digest all this stuff that’s happening and come up with the best plan between Tim and I’s experience and knowledge, it’s dangerous man… I am excited for the future. I would suggest for anyone who understands the business side, go it alone and create your own leverage.

Eargrub: Do you think your sound has matured since your last big release?

Cam: I think from a music perspective, I’ll always be maturing with each song I write. All of my projects have their own unique vibe though, so I don’t like to compare and contrast across my catalogue. Lamp City is Lamp City, 1993 is 1993. etc. I make the music for the time I am writing it, and I do it to reflect and report on that time in my life. It’s always changing and will keep changing. My next shit though… just wait. 

Eargrub: Your song ‘Hater’ addresses the modern day trend of ‘Making it’ in music rather than making something you’re proud of. What was the writing process for the song like?

Cam: Ironically enough, since that song is about “making it” and mainstream music, I actually hired a songwriter to help me write a poppy hook for it with those lyrics I put together. I then threw the verses on there and we killed that song in probably about 4 hours. Shout out to the Futuristics and Ross Golan!

Eargrub: Oh Word!? is another tune that you worked on with Jitta On The Track, a big up and comer. What was working with him like?

Cam: Jitta is MY DUDE!! Jitta and I met on tour last summer and struck a friendship from there. We had been sitting on Oh Word?! for a little bit and he really made that track 100%. What he added was exactly what we needed to make that a hit. I love that song probably my favorite on the album ..

Eargrub: What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to pursue their passions?

Cam: It’s the wrong mentality. I completely understand with today’s climate in education why we have so many people closed off to the idea of starting something from scratch, like a company or a music career, but it sucks because that rhetoric stems from all the wrong information. If you work hard, and put the time in, there is opportunity out there to turn that hard work into a viable career. There is capital out there to invest in you. There are people out there to mentor you. You can’t be afraid to find it.

Eargrub: What’s your next step?

Cam: Gonna continue moving forward this Lamp City movement! Make a big play in digital marketing, and invest and pursue some other things on an entrepreneurial level, and probably have another project out there sometime this year… Working title = Stories From The Green Line. 

Keep and eye out for Cam Meekins and be sure to cop his latest album [HERE]

Datsik @ Spring Awakening Music Festival 2014

Datsik B&W stand

Just like his Ultra set, this one from Spring Awakening is equally massive. Though I wished Datsik would’ve opened with Infuze’s “Release Yourself”, his first drop really took everyone, including myself, by surprise. I especially enjoyed this set because he didn’t play into the idea of using 80% of the same songs at every festival like many other artists have been doing lately. Datsik stayed original by dropping his own tracks as well as others’ to keep it fresh on Sunday at Spring Awakening. If you are a fan of dirty, grimy dubstep, I’d highly recommend this set.

– Sam

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I’m very proud to announce a special guest mix from the Senate DJ’s very own KAV1ANI & DRAMADIK. KAV1ANI took a trip down to Atlantic City and together they crafted a seriously banging playlist for the Summer. These guys seriously know how to mix and their song choice is phenomenal. The mix features tracks from all corners of Soundcloud including Mr. Carmack, Dillon Francis, Stwo, Diplo, Bro Safari and more! Do yourself a favor and check out the artists Soundclouds and Facebooks and play this mix all summer long! Enjoy.

– Dave

1. Cashmere Cat – With Me (Stwo Edit)
2. Da-P – Dark Hadou (Carmack remix)
3. Distal – Boss Of The South
4. DJ Slugo – Freaky Ride
5. Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro – Freak (Rickyxsan Bootleg)
6. Distal – Boss Of The South (Clerks Remix)
7. Sinden & Vato Gonzalez – $100 Infinite Kung Fu Vixens (Indian 
Summer Remix)
8. Natasja – One Spliff a Day (Remix)
9. Mr. Carmack – a blouse that zips up from behind
10. Steve Angello – KNAS (Dillon Francis Remix)
11. Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need a Reason (Mampi Swift Remix)
12. A-1 – Doing the Most (carmack remix)
13. Chilling Spree – Jungle Duce
14. Sage The Gemini ft Iamsu! – Gas Pedal (Salva 
15. Major Lazers, Pharrell – Aerosol Can (Carmack Refix)
16. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low
17. Diplo x Jay Fay – Biggie Dibby Bounce (SwaggleRock Edit)
18. Bro Safari & UFO! – The Dealer (Milo & Otis Remix)
19. Dane 
Ierna – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! (Original Mix)
20. Oliver – Night Is On My Mind (Dillon Francis Remix)
21. Para One – Mother (Mr. Oizo Remix)
22. Justin Jay – Static
23. Justin Jay – Waves
24. Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Steven Jello
25. Foamo – Sherlock (Kry Wolf Remix)
26. Kill Frenzy – For The Ladies
27. DJ Slugo – For the Ladies 
28. Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic (Chocolate Puma Remix)
29. Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki (Tommie Sunshine & Go Freek 
30. Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro – Freak (feat. Steve Bays)
31. DJ Fresh VS Jay Fay Feat. Ms Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound 
(Skitzofrenix Remix)
32. Meowski666 – Meow Machine
33. Sinden & Vato Gonzalez – $100 Infinite Kung Fu Vixens
34. Future – Shit (Salva Remix)
35. A$AP Ferg vs Kura – Work That Drum Roll (Chris Bushnell Edit)

Top 10 Summer Tracks


Summer’s just around the corner, and here at Eargrub, we thought we should prepare a list of a few of the best songs to listen to while you’re enjoying being in the great outdoors.

1. Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once

This track is one of my absolute favorites to kick back and relax too. The combination of sound and style from these two fantastic producers provides a joyful listen and just puts you in a good mood.

2. Ryan Hemsworth – Ribs (Let’s Have A Sleepover Version)

This track is perfect for Summer, its entire vibe just embodies being outside with friends and Ryan Hemsworth’s talent in music production helps you to get lost in the synths.

3. Colleagues – Tears

What’s a Summer playlist without the feel good indie track? But seriously, Colleagues went above and beyond with this release and its high energy and fantastic vocals make it perfect for blasting full volume in your car with the sunroof open.

4. Mapei – Don’t Wait (Giraffage Remix)

This track has a much calmer and toned down vibe then some of the other tracks on this playlist, but it definitely fits the season of Summer. Mapei’s incredible voice combined with Giraffage’s insane talent creates a fairly magical sound thats really worth listening too.

5. Odesza – Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant

Who can forget Odesza? Pretty much all of Odesza’s music fits under the genre of “Summer Feels”, but Sun Models really makes you feel like you’re in the sun, even when its blizzarding out. Check it out.

6. The Notorious BIG – Back To Cali (Yinyues Remix)

This song sort of speaks for itself. The smooth flow of Biggie’s rapping combined with Yinyues’ style creates an extremely uplifting sound that will just make you feel warm inside.

7. Made In Heights – Murakami

I have to include some Made In Heights in here, partly because they’re just amazing, but also because the combined production of Sabzi and lyrics of Kelsey Bulkin mix to make Murakami a for sure Summer favorite, and an overall just incredible track.

8. Wet – Dreams (UNO STEREO Remix)

This is a track that sort of blew up in the last month. Wet’s unique voice makes the original song incredible, but UNO STEREO’s route with the song made it even better, transforming it into an extremely fast paced and cheerful song.

9. Madeon – Cut The Kid

This track has a more disco vibe to it, something I’m not usually a huge fan of, but the way Madeon went about it really threw me for a curve and made me instantly fall in love. And its perfect for any Summer dance playlist.

10. Peking Duk – High ft. Nicole Millar

Last but not least, Peking Duk’s high energy track “High”. This song is more centered around dance, and the amazing vocals and insane drop keeps the listener entertained and happy. This track is a definite for Summer.

Hope you enjoy all these Summer-Time tracks!

– Sam